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Does the us have any aircraft carriers under construction

Published: 17.06.2022

does the us have any aircraft carriers under construction

Construction of the new North American aircraft carrier USS “Enterprise” begins

On April 5, three weeks ahead of sedule, the North American Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII) laid the keel of what will be the seventh ship and third aircraft carrier of the United States Navy or US Navy, bearing the name of USS “Enterprise”, does the us have any aircraft carriers under construction.

The new United States Ship (USS) “Enterprise” (CVN-80) will be the third Gerald-class aircraft carrier Ford and is expected to be delivered to the US Navy in 2028. We are dealing with nuclear-powered ships 333 meters long and with a disacement of 100,000 tons.

The aircraft carrier CVN-80 and the next ship in the class, the future USS “Doris Miller” (CVN-81), will be acquired as part of a strategic purase in block estimated at 24,000 million dollars, as part of a 2019 agreement between the United States Department of Defense with the HII company. Likewise, the USS “Doris Miller” is expected to be delivered to the US Navy in 2032.

HII is also currently working on the three future Ford-class aircraft carriers,including the second of these, the USS “John F. Kennedy” (CVN-79) and the two mentioned USS "Enterprise" and USS "Doris Miller", as well as in the great overhaul or half-life overhaul of the Nimitz class, the USS "George Washington" (CVN-73 ) and USS “John C. Stennis” (CVN-74).

In addition, the old aircraft carrier “Enterprise” (CVN-65) out of service since 2013 and officially decommissioned in 2019 is also located in the facilities of the aforementioned shipyard of the HII company, located in the Atlantic coast of the United States. This ship, like the CV-6 of the same name that participated in World War II, in battles as key as the one at Midway, was designated with the name of "Big E", whi will also inherit the new< /em>

The US Navy confirmed that the USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78), the first of its kind, had reaed initial operational capability or Initial o < em> Initial Operational Capability (IOC) in December 2021. Previously, in 2018, it requested to delay the so-called crash test for at least six years to speed up the ship's deoyment, but this request was denied.

Thus, on June 18, 2021, the aircraft carrier CVN-78 cometed that crash test after acing the ship at 87 nautical miles (100 miles) off Ponce Inlet, Florida to ensure it could withstand the most demanding battle conditions, after detonate 18 tons of TNT underwater, measured as a magnitude 3.9 earthquake.

Additional tests were conducted in July and August, with test detonations occurring closer to the hull, ultimately resulting in the carrier being certified as having passed the evidence and could be handed over to the US Navy. ( Julio Maíz Sanz )

Photography: Digital image of what the future USS will look like.< /p>

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Петрушинин Булат Юрьевич
Петрушинин Булат Юрьевич
Published: 17.06.2022 | Исправлено: 17.06.2022

Adelya Robertovna
19.10.2022 в 00:40
Между тем, легенда мировой кардиологии, доктор Юджин М. Браунвальд, автор одного из самых известных учебников по сердечным заболеваниям, однажды сказал: «В жизни не может быть слишком много денег и слишком мало холестерина».

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