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What is back propping in construction

Published: 17.06.2022

what is back propping in construction

The Government rises to the good moment of construction: why it is useful in the run-up to the elections

In need of good news from the economic point of view, the Government wants to hold tight to the construction sector, one of the segments that today shows the best performance, and that in some way can say that the pandemic left behind, what is back propping in construction.

Yesterday, the Argentine Chamber of Construction (Camarco) held its annual convention in La Rural, and it became clear that the world of bricks is a good laun pad for the Government.

President Alberto Fernández participated in the closing of the meeting and said that before the end of the year the Government will have "more than 100,000 homes under construction" and that in 2022 it will once again increase investment in public works.

During the months of the strictest quarantine , the construction sector was one of the many that suffered, although in this case the delay in resuming the normal pace of activities deepened the problem.

In Mar 2020 the pandemic started and there the construction began to observe a strong process of job losses, whi totaled some 70,000 until activity could be resumed.

That bleeding ended in August of last year and from then on the curve is upward. After 12 consecutive months of growth, today 80,000 new workers joined.

"Our sector has a very important peculiarity, and it has to do with the speed with whi new jobs can be created. This gives us an advantage over other sectors of the economy", he said a El Cronista Iván Szcze ,president of Camarco.

The perspective of the sector -and one of the arguments that most attracts the Government's attention- is that construction still has the potential to absorb more workers. In this sense, the focus is on the nearly 450,000 positions that were filled in 2017, 90,000 above the current mark.

Alberto advanced the measure that he analyzes to turn social ans into work

But for this the Government knows -and the construction companies claim- that advance must be made on some aspects, whi above all would promote what has to do with private construction, whi today does not show bad levels of activity, but they can clearly be better.

In this sense, there are two main points on whi the focus is made.

The first has to do with the return of money laundering , whi already has an opinion from the Commission, but despite the promises of the Government it still does not show major progress.

According to calculations by Camarco, this system could contribute US$5 billion in income to the formal economy.

The other point of discussion is related to the need for the mortgage loan to return, whi would attack the problems of those who try to buy a home.

The sector already presented a project about a year ago, whi would allow the purase of new real estate, in order to encourage construction ,whi would also create jobs.

"For every 1% of GDP invested in construction, the economy grows by 4.2%", pointed out Szcze.

The progress of public works also appears among the priorities for the sector, and the ground that is understood to be covered here is also important.

With less than three months to go before the end of 2021, only 65% ​​of the budget anned for the whole year has been executed. This figure could grow since, after the defeat in the PASO ,the wing of the government closest to Kirnerism began to press for progress with works, whi is part of the official strategy to carry out at least one ad per day.

By 2022 the commitment to public works is greater. Next year's Budget allocates 2.4% of GDP to infrastructure, just above the 2.2% this year and above the 1.1% that had been seduled for 2019.

Петрушинин Булат Юрьевич
Петрушинин Булат Юрьевич
Published: 17.06.2022 | Исправлено: 17.06.2022

23.10.2022 в 22:14
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