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What does pco mean in construction

Published: 17.06.2022

what does pco mean in construction

PCO-RSV5 gate

The PCO-RSV5 is a control corridor for large transits, with dimensions suitable for any environment or location point. The construction of its stainless steel structure combined with painted parts, offers high resistance to degradation and its polished finish, a great facility to combine it with any color that predominates in the environment where it must be installed, what does pco mean in construction. All this, together with great functionality and low maintenance, make it especially suitable for controlling venues with a large influx of peoe.

The PCO-RSV5 is commanded by a microcontroller system that is responsible for controlling all the functions and variables that the equipment has, as well as the different elements that make it up (motor, electro-clut, photocells, signaling pictograms, alarms, acoustic signals, communications, etc.).

The controlled passage to the enclosure is done by closing a circuit on the system control board, whi can be done in different ways (card reader, button, etc.). As soon as the circuit receives the signal in a direction of passage, it starts the motorized operating cycle, moving the panel towards the interior of the piece of furniture and once this has been passed, it closes again. It has a security system to avoid injuries.

A standard corridor is assembled with one-panel gates (PCO-RSV5/1) and for more than one, two-panel gates are interspersed (PCO-RSV5/2).

The panels always remain closing the corridor and are only removed by tilting to the sides and hiding in the cabinet when they receive an access authorization signal from a reader or button, allowing a person to pass and closing again by means of a photocell once made the same. In the case of two peoe passing by at the same time, the system will give an acoustic alarm signal to detect the intrusion. As a safety measure, the equipment has a photo-cell system that prevents the panels from closing and hitting the user while they remain in the corridor.

1.5 mm thick AISI-304 or AISI-316 stainless steel sheet body with satin finish.

Opening top cover with hinges, Tone to oose according to RAL art. Closed under a security key and through whi you access the interior. As an option it can be manufactured in wood without same.

Adaptation of readers or control elements at the ends of the cabinet, whether mounted on the surface or inside the bodywork, depending on its dimensions and aracteristics.

Light pictograms signaling the operation of the corridors, green arrow and red cross.

Meanism adapted to the specific operation, with a positioning and damping system for the panel, with a security system for emergencies.

Treatments of parts and bearings greased for life.

Electromeanical assembly comprising: motor, worm gear speed reducer, greased for life. Direct transmission.

Electronic control board with connection strip for control elements and accessories, fuse, transformer and programming swites.

Concealable sliding panels in 10 mm thick security glass.

Safety and control photocell system.

Fastening to the ground through the inth ates using screws and expansion ugs supied with the equipment.

Download PCO-RSV5 Tenical Sheet

Петрушинин Булат Юрьевич
Петрушинин Булат Юрьевич
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