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What is the role of an operations manager in construction

Published: 17.06.2022

what is the role of an operations manager in construction

Operations Director: functions, competencies and key skills

Today, the decisions made by the operations area,and therefore, by its director, affect the entire company and ccarry a huge responsibility. The director of operations is the figure who will be in arge of the entire strategy, what is the role of an operations manager in construction. This is a key position that concentrates the direction and administration of a large part of the company's resources: capital, personnel, raw materials and energy.

Traditionally, the director of operations was a very analytical professional, very procedural. A person from back office that what he was looking for above all was efficiency, how the company could reduce its costs. The operations area is the area of ​​the company in whi there are higher costs: mainery, human resources, locations and, therefore, this operations manager was required to continuous improvement of process efficiency. It was a professional profile that tried to identify the anges, that is, all those inefficiencies that do not add value to the client, and see how they could be minimized or eliminated.

What is the job of an operations manager?

Companies no longer seek only to improve efficiency per se, but also other differentiating factors, su as service, adaptation to customer needs, or innovation.

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The person to whom these responsibilities are assigned should have strong leadership skills,good communication skills and strategic anning skills. The need to be able to solve problems and make decisions quickly and efficiently make this position a real allenge.

What is an operations supervisor?

The operations supervisor reports directly to the Operations Manager at the company. His responsibilities have to do with the control and operational support in day-to-day activities, support for execution programming, quality control and monitoring of comiance with established standards and procedures.

To do this, in addition to specifying the business strategy in concrete actions and monitoring and coordinating the work, the operations supervisor will be in arge of providing all the tools, equipment and materials necessary to carry out daily tasks.

What does an operations manager of a company do?

A good director of operations will be the first interested in creating a easant work environment, in whi peoe feel that they are part of a common project, that their contribution is key to aieving the company goals. Fostering teamwork,camaraderie, creativity and a positive environment add up to develop commitment and involvement in emoyees.

Su an environment allows for smooth daily operations and certainly contributes to greater productivity. That is why another of the functions that the operations manager must perform is to work side by side with the human resources manager to ensure and ensure a good work environment,whi helps all emoyees to develop their tasks without problems and can experience professional and personal growth within the company.

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