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What technology did the royal air force have

Published: 17.06.2022

what technology did the royal air force have

The US will build a huge security center in the UK

The Republicans of the Intelligence Committee want the new headquarters in the Azores

The Pentagon (US Department of Defense) will build a new security center in Britain to cover Europe and Africa, what technology did the royal air force have. The future American intelligence headquarters will be built at the British RAF (Royal Air Force) base in Croughton, next to Milton Keynes, an hour's drive from London, and will be known as the Joint Intelligence Analysis Center. shared intelligence). In the new espionage center, whi will be protected with the most sophisticated security systems, 1,250 peoe will work processing information and communications from more than 50 European and African countries.

Currently the US Air Force has its intelligence headquarters in Europe alongside the British RAF in Molesworth, near Cambridge. This base is in the process of being transferred to the Croughton base where next year the construction of the buildings that will also house the US Joint Intelligence Analysis Center will be cometed. The new facilities will cost 200 million pounds (260 million euros).

The price of the new and gigantic security center is one of the arguments that has the Pentagon and a group of Republicans from the US Intelligence Committee at loggerheads. Devin Nunes, of the aforementioned committee, defends erecting the new headquarters in Lajes, Portuguese Azores islands, in the middle of the Atlantic, where a center of this type already exists on a smaller scale.

A spokesman for the Department of Defense argues that money is not the only reason to settle in Britain. "The new headquarters must be operational for NATO and must facilitate the work of all its members. The installation of the center in Lajes [Azores] would have a negative impact on the relationship between NATO members ", has pointed out the US military spokesman, who adds that building the center on the Portuguese islands would cost 1,140 million dollars (912 million euros) and its annual operation would exceed 74 million dollars (59 million euros) to that of Gran Brittany.

Republican Devin Nunes, who is originally from the Azores, rejects the official calculations and argues that the cost of living is lower in the Azores than in Great Britain, that investment in housing is almost done in Lajes as well as the spending on fiber optics and existing communication systems. In the long term, according to Nunes, the North American government could save 1,500 million dollars (1,200 million euros) by erecting the new building in the Azores instead of Great Britain.

The reasons of the republicans to defend the Portuguese islands are not only of an economic nature but they warn that "if we withdraw from the Azores, the way will be opened for the arrival of China, in addition to not taking advantage of the investment that is already made there". Despite the controversy, the Pentagon is anning the imminent announcement of the creation of the Joint Intelligence Analysis Center in Croughton, near Milton Kyenes and not far from London, to analyze communications between citizens, governments and institutions of some 50 countries.

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