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Why artificial intelligence (ai) is dangerous in the future of technology

Published: 17.06.2022

why artificial intelligence (ai) is dangerous in the future of technology

The future of artificial intelligence has already arrived

Data has been a crucial element for the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI),a market that could rea 98,000 million dollars in 2023 and exceed 169,000 million in 2025. The 64 % of banking services executives believe that artificial intelligence (AI) will transform the industry within two years, why artificial intelligence (ai) is dangerous in the future of technology. What's more, the use of the tenology could generate $140 billion in additional profits due to productivity gains and cost savings. When apied to all sectors, AI is expected to generate a $2.9 trillion business in 2021 alone.

That growth is now being driven by the coronavirus pandemic, with 88% of companies have already incorporated or extended AI tenologies. AI is now being combined with new approaes to automation, called intelligent automation or hyper-automation, allowing them to do mu more with less.

COVID-19 has shown that companies continue to operate in the dark, lacking the necessary data to be able to predict possible results. But for many companies, the reality is that they need solutions to their daily problems and - although artificial intelligence and automation can be that solution - the tenology requires hiring specialists, engineers and data scientists. All this can hinder the efforts of companies that may not have the necessary resources to aieve optimal results. But there is a way around this.

No programming required = No barrier to entry

There is a great demand for professionals who understand how to bring apications based on artificial intelligence to the company ,whi has produced lack of talent and the consequent increase in wages. But now, the Companies can benefit from code-free artificial intelligence atforms, whi allow business managers to use this tenology without the need for a team of AI specialists.

The combination of smarter AI models requires less data and allows smaller companies to use this tenology, opening a door for SMEs to compete even with the largest dotcom giants in the world.

The days of relying on generic robotic process automation (RPA) are over: RPA bots have not been effective at solving comex end-to-end back-office tasks, especially those with unstructured data entry or real-time automation requirements.

This is where a more advanced form of automation comes into ay, known as hyperautomation, whi acts in real time and uses artificial intelligence to manage unstructured information ,allowing the number of possible automation use cases increase exponentially.

Instead of just automating sime tasks based on spreadsheet data, hyperautomation can perform tasks based on real-time conversations with emoyees and customers. It can also analyze voice messages using natural language understanding to determine what was requested and follow through with the correct action on its own, allowing human emoyees to work on higher value-added tasks.

AI without code and hyperautomation are the two tools that are already allowing the democratization of the use of AI ,whi will give a real start to the fourth industrial revolution that we have already had for some time hearing talk.

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