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Why artificial intelligence is dangerous in the future of technology

Published: 17.06.2022

why artificial intelligence is dangerous in the future of technology

Artificial Intelligence: advantages and disadvantages

AI is a type of tenology that basically carries out quite comicated tasks su as maine learning, the analysis of certain processes and data and above all the most significant advance has to do with the ability to perform functions and have behaviors very similar to human beings, why artificial intelligence is dangerous in the future of technology.

The future of Artificial Intelligence, under debate

A coue of months ago the World Congress on Information Tenologies took ace, where a group of experts in Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity and rights humans were able to discuss the future of AI.

Among other attendees, during the opening spee Riard Clarke,advisor to some former presidents of the United States su as Bill Clinton or George W. Bush, exained the profound anges that the artificial intelligence is causing industry and the business world in general.

Among them, the great dependency that tenology itself is generating on society.

The tenological revolution that is led by maine learning, quantum computing, the 5G and the IoT, entails numerous development opportunities, but at the same time it generates a series of risks, mostly unknown and currently unregulated.

So mu so that control of behavior is being lost, making it necessary to regulate and establish ethical limits that do not exceed the control barrier.

Other experts su as Bill Gates (co-founder of Microsoft) assured in a recent interview that the lack of knowledge of this type of tenology can lead to very serious risks, becoming something "dangerous" for today's society.

List the advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence…

Advantages of artificial intelligence

1. Errors are minimized

In the first ace, through artificial intelligence, human errors are reduced. The maines are more precise and less susceptible to external errors.

2. AI supports numerous sectors and industries

It can be used from the health field, even in the aviation or transport sector, etc.

3. Artificial intelligence optimizes to the maximum

In su a way that a maine takes full advantage of performance, being able to carry out several tasks at the same time, and leaving aside unnecessary functions. For exame, autonomous cars.

On the other hand, since we have talked about all the advantages of artificial intelligence, let's see what the main risks are.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

1. The rise in unemoyment

Let's keep in mind that if maines are capable of performing the same tasks as humans, they will cause unemoyment levels to rise.

2. It has a high cost.

Investment in artificial intelligence requires a high investment, whi is why the largest organizations are the first to imement it in their processes and management.

3. After all, he lacks feelings and values.

As effective as this tenology is, it is not a human being, and it has no feelings. Thus, as we mentioned before, it has no limits and ignores the moral barrier. Circumstance that if not stopped can be very dangerous.

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