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Why is artificial intelligence beneficial especially in technology industry

Published: 17.06.2022

why is artificial intelligence beneficial especially in technology industry

The economic impact of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed nearly every aspect of human life. It is an omnipresent disciine, although not always in a cometely obvious way. The development of Artificial Intelligence has led to great advances in all industries and has generated a palpable economic impact, why is artificial intelligence beneficial especially in technology industry. From the development of driverless cars to the improvement of decision-making processes. Although we are not aware, the future of work is linked to how we decide to use Artificial Intelligence.

The main sectors adopting the concept of Artificial Intelligence are the following: health, transportation, education, retail and financial services. The economic impact of Artificial Intelligence is very high for companies, as well as for society. One of the great benefits of using this tenology is the rapid detection of problems, inefficiencies and duicate processes. However, many fear that the arrival of automation will mean the loss of millions of jobs all over the world.

Accounting firms and banks now need less time to handle bill payments, financial reporting and other accounting tasks. This saving of time does not necessarily imy the dismissal of the workers of the companies. In fact, in many cases the aim is to train existing workers to take on more strategic tasks. This means that the power of data and automation can lead to new talents and abilities.

Another exame is found in health centers. More and more hospitals and health centers are concerned with automating tasks related to pre-registration, su as entering the health history of new patients. As a result, the productivity of these centers can increase by 60 percent while errors are reduced.

The resear firm Markets and Markets estimates that the Artificial Intelligence (AI) market will grow from $420 million in 2014 to $5.05 billion in 2020, thanks to the growing adoption of “maine learning” tenologies ( maine learning) and natural language in the media, advertising, retail, finance and health industries.

6 billion devices will request AI support

The information tenology resear company Gartner estimates that 6 billion connected “things” will be actively requesting the support of Artificial Intelligence atforms by 2018. These devices will likely include many connected devices, cars, laptops and others. Devices included in the “Internet of Things” market.

Photo: Pavel Kunitsky, Pixabay

The economic impact of Artificial Intelligence in the private sector

The future of work is intrinsically related to the adoption of Artificial Intelligence as the prevailing tenology.

Currently there are 1,031 start-ups on the list of AngelList, a US portal specialized in startups, with an average valuation of 5.2 million dollars - whi is equivalent to almost 5,400 million dollars in venture capital investments. The three most followed companies on that list are robotics company Autonomous, team productivity software maker Crux, and social news aggregator AI Zero Slant..

On the other hand, some sectors are especially inclined to adopt this type of tenology. The reason for an increase in investment in Artificial Intelligence lies in the great economic impact that it enables. In the major economies of Asia and the Pacific, it is estimated that by 2030, AI could generate a 16 percent increase in production. This translates into a net return of €13 billion.

80% of executives believe that AI increases productivity

A recent study by the language company AI Narrative Science showed that 80% of executives believed that AI solutions increased the performance of workers and created new jobs.

32% also said that spee recognition tenologies were the most used AI tenology in their business.

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