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How much did new york times purchase wordle for

Published: 02.07.2022

how much did new york times purchase wordle forThe sudden success of Wordle, the online game in whi once a day ayers have six ances to guess a five-letter word, has caused it to be acquired by the prestigious The New York Times.

Announced by the newspaper last Monday, Wordle's purase reflects the growing importance of games for this medium of communication, su as crossword puzzles and the Spelling Bee, in the company's quest to grow digital subscribers to rea 10 million by 2025, as is its goal, how much did new york times purchase wordle for.

Online games

The New York Times leans heavily on the success of its games

Wordle was acquired from its creator, Josh Wardle, a New York software engineer, for a "seven-figure" price, as revealed by the New York Times itself. The company added in its statement that initially the game would be free for both new and existing ayers.

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Wordle –whose name is a ay on words with the last name of its creator– has had surprising success. It first appeared on a sime, ad-free website last October, and as of November 1, it only had 90 users. A figure that increased to 300,000 at the beginning of 2022, and is now counted by millions of daily ayers around the world.

Wordle statistics to share on social networks

The game allows users to share their result by disaying a graph with rows of five bricks indicating how close they came to guessing the correct word or if they got it right. These brick designs have served to create numerous memes with them and have made Wordle increasingly popular through the millions of tweets that have been generated when users have shared their successes on the social network.

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As the company that owns the newspaper exains, “The Times remains focused on becoming the essential subscription for all English-speakers seeking to understand and interact with the world. And the New York Times games are a key part of that strategy.”

The New York Times games are a key part of the company's strategy.

The New York Times

Since the New York Times installed a paywall in 2011, its business strategy has revolved around persuading readers and users, the vast majority of whom get their content digitally, to subscribe.

The NYT offers subscriptions to its print newspaper and its leading digital news app. Plus, for lower prices, it also offers subscriptions to a gaming app, a recipe app and, since last year, Wirecutter, a product recommendation website it bought in 2016. Also last month, the Times invested 550 million dollars to buy the sports news website The Athletic, thus adding 1.2 million subscribers that the sports digital had.

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In November 2021, the Times revealed in a public financial report that it had nearly 8.4 million subscribers, and in December, it reported that Games and Cooking—the paid gaming and cooking sections, respectively—contributed every one more than a million subscribers. To understand the magnitude of the success of the Times games, between them they were ayed in 2021 more than 500 million times.

As a curiosity, it should be noted that Wardle himself has recently confessed that Wordle was born after he and his partner "got very involved" in the Times' crossword puzzles and spelling games during the pandemic. < /article>

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Петрушинин Булат Юрьевич
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