How to choose a crossbow

  1. Classic Crossbows
  2. Block crossbows

Shooting is an extreme activity for people who like active leisure enough Shooting is an extreme activity for people who like active leisure enough. If you decide to buy such weapons, you must first decide on the main features that should be considered when choosing.

Classic Crossbows

This type of crossbow has a direct or recursive arc. Classic crossbows are more suitable for professional people, as they require a lot of effort to pull the string. They are very noisy, less powerful than their fellows. However, there are also advantages, in particular, low weight, ease of setup and replacement of some parts, simple design.

Block crossbows

Such crossbows suit beginners. With their help, it will be easier for you to control the weapon. It consists of eccentric blocks that facilitate the bowing of the string. This crossbow is powerful, fast. It is compact, easy to recharge. However, their weight is more impressive than that of classic crossbows.

There is a prejudice that the quality of the crossbow depends on where the weapons were collected, but much more important from which material the details are made. Plastic or wood - this does not affect the technical indicators in any way, since everything depends on taste and the estimated budget. The current crossbows are made from carbon, plastic, stainless steel, Kevlar. Remember that the string, which is made of dacron, is less dependent on fluctuations in temperature and humidity, and crossbow target can be mechanical or just paper.

There are also several key areas for the use of such weapons: hunting, recreation and entertainment, playing sports or just a gift. In the latter case, it is necessary to take into account whether the owner of this weapon will use it, or the crossbow will just hang on the wall.

Расчет высокопрочных болтов на растяжение

Особенности расчета на прочность элементов, ослабленных отверстиями под высокопрочные болты:
При статической нагрузке, если ослабление менее 15 °/о, расчет ведется по площади брутто А, а если ослабление больше 15 %—по условной площади Лусл = 1,18 Ап.

Монтажные стыки

Монтажные стыки делают при невозможности транспортирования элементов в целом виде.
Монтажные стыки для удобства сборки устраивают универсальными: все прокатные элементы балки соединяют в одном сечении.

Проверка прочности

Проверка прочности сечения на опоре балки по касательным напряжениям:
Балочной клеткой называется система перекрестных балок, предназначенная для опирания настила при устройстве перекрытия над какой-либо площадью.